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Today you worked with your partner on your mythology mini-presentation. I gave you a rubric so that you will know how the presentation will be assessed. You had all period to work on the presentation, and I shared my mythology and art supplies/resources with you.

Presentations tomorrow and Thursday

Vocab Review tomorrow– we will practice putting week 2 words into sentences


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Today we viewed and discussed a tone/diction presentation. You practiced writing a description using vivid, specific language. I then shared two of my favorite poems with you, and I shared two examples of a namepiece narrative.

HW: Find 3 poems you like. Copy or print them to bring to class.

ALSO–ask your parents about your names (first, middle, last); research online to find the meaning/origin of your name. You do not need to write anything down at this point.

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Today I reviewed pretest scores for both reading and writing with most of you. If you did not get your pretest score today, please see me tomorrow.

Complete the Cr. Rdg practice test I gave you in class today. We will review answers tomorrow, and we will study vocabulary and sentence completion as well.

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Today you completed an in-class essay. Bring your BNW books tomorrow and Wednesday. Thanks for the feedback about our seminar last week. I have considered all suggestions. I also appreciate those of you who signed up for jobs. I will compile the list of committees/representatives later this week.


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Today we had our first “Mechanics Mondays” lesson. We reviewed the parts of a sentence and types of sentences. I provided examples for you to copy on the handout I provided, and you created your own examples as well.

We then brainstormed a list of mythological gods/goddesses/heroes/monsters. You told me if you wanted to work individually or with a partner, and you then decided on the god/goddess/hero/monster you want to teach the class on Wednesday and Thursday. I allowed you to use my classroom mythology resources. Tonight you are supposed to find online sources (and any print sources you have at home) to bring for use in class tomorrow.

Your mini-presentation will cover the most important attributes and popular myths involving your assigned god/goddess/hero/monster. Also, include a modern allusion for your presentation. (Ex. If you are doing Pandora, why does the Pandora music server use that name?)

Helpful websites:


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Today we completed the 9th Lit pretest. I will score these later this week or early next week.

Tomorrow: Greek mythology introduction

– Why study Greek mythology?

– How can studying Greek mythology help you learn (or at least derive meaning from) thousands of words?

First vocab/grammar quiz: Wednesday, August 29

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Today I distributed a glossary of literary terms. Keep this packet in your binder ALL YEAR.

We read, annotated, and discussed two poems: “To the Mercy Killers” and “Ethics.”

Individually (or in small groups) you continued your preparation for tomorrow’s seminar.

Thursday and Friday: Socratic Seminar

Monday: In-class timed essay

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