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Today we viewed and discussed a tone/diction presentation. You practiced writing a description using vivid, specific language. I then shared two of my favorite poems with you, and I shared two examples of a namepiece narrative.

HW: Find 3 poems you like. Copy or print them to bring to class.

ALSO–ask your parents about your names (first, middle, last); research online to find the meaning/origin of your name. You do not need to write anything down at this point.


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Today you completed an in-class essay. Bring your BNW books tomorrow and Wednesday. Thanks for the feedback about our seminar last week. I have considered all suggestions. I also appreciate those of you who signed up for jobs. I will compile the list of committees/representatives later this week.


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Today I distributed a glossary of literary terms. Keep this packet in your binder ALL YEAR.

We read, annotated, and discussed two poems: “To the Mercy Killers” and “Ethics.”

Individually (or in small groups) you continued your preparation for tomorrow’s seminar.

Thursday and Friday: Socratic Seminar

Monday: In-class timed essay

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Today we had book checkouts during class; you should now have all of the books you need for this semester.

Students then worked individually or in groups to answer questions in preparation for our seminar this Thursday and Friday. If you did not finish these in class, please do so for homework.

Tonight: Think of the books you read in 9th Lit. If you had to choose ONE book to analyze repeatedly, using techniques from HTRLLAP, which book would you choose? You do not need to have a written response; I simply want you to have time to think about your answer tonight. We will discuss this further tomorrow.


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Welcome to 10th Honors! Today we had our “Welcome Back to School Vocabulary Quiz.” You used your notes from the summer assignments on the quiz, and then you turned in all work. I will be grading these over the next few days.

After the quiz, we viewed a powerpoint highlighting important points on the syllabus. You then completed a student information sheet; for homework, you are completing a goal setting sheet. This sheet also provides you an opportunity to share any other personal information you deem pertinent.

Tomorrow: Book Distribution

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10th Honors Syllabus

LA 10th Honors Syllabus

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I look forward to a productive and rewarding year with each of you. I will post updates, reminders, links, and important handouts on this blog. To quickly find the information for your class, use the category links to the right of this post.

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