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Today I reviewed pretest scores for both reading and writing with most of you. If you did not get your pretest score today, please see me tomorrow.

Complete the Cr. Rdg practice test I gave you in class today. We will review answers tomorrow, and we will study vocabulary and sentence completion as well.


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Today we completed the first two sections of the Critical Reading Pretest. Tomorrow we will finish this pretest and begin our writing pretest.

Friday: Vocab and Diction Quiz #1

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Today I distributed syllabus signature forms, vocabulary for the entire quarter, and diction/grammar lists for each week. After discussing procedures and general information about the class, we wrote our first essay. (Prompt: Is it important to question the ideas and decisions of people in positions of authority?)

Tomorrow: Critical Reading Pretest (2 out of 3 sections)

Thursday: Finish Critical Rdg Pretest; begin Writing Pretest

Friday: Vocab/Grammar Quiz #1; finish Writing Pretest (short section)

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SAT Prep Syllabus

SAT Prep Syllabus-2012-2013-Hunt-Watts-Final Draft

SAT PREP Statement of Understanding-2012-2013 Hunt-Final


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I look forward to a productive and rewarding year with each of you. I will post updates, reminders, links, and important handouts on this blog. To quickly find the information for your class, use the category links to the right of this post.

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